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Most Commonly Misunderstood Home Insurance Coverages

Is your camera insured while youíre traveling with it on vacation? What about your laptop if itís stolen on a tour bus? In 90 seconds, get the answers to these insurance questions and more. When youíre done watching this, youíll be better informed than the average consumer!

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Arenít we all trying to save some money?†

When you go insurance shopping, it’s smart to look at more than just the price.

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Payroll Tax Deferment Info

You’ve likely heard about the payroll tax deferment that President Trump signed in early August.   If you haven’t, here are the highlights of what is being proposed...

Smart People...Dumb Insurance Mistakes Part Three!

Third installment of a three-part series, you'll get the Cliff Notes version of Jill Schlesinger’s chapter entitled, “You Buy the Wrong Kinds of Insurance, or None at All.”

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