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Personal & Family Solutions

Personal & Family Solutions

This website is designed to be a resource to simplify an otherwise complicated (and typically unpleasant) product.  Our clients are sophisticated buyers who want to be educated about insurance and in command of their buying decisions.  In short, they’re in control!  Our website intends to provide you the research you demand to make educated decisions about your insurance.  

How are we different?     

Our approach focuses on first getting to know you and your family.  In building a relationship with you, we are able to best advise on an insurance program that addresses the risks you face.  Not ready to talk with us yet?  We have ample tools and checklists you can run through yourself to get a sense of what you might need.

Go Green!

Life as a Knight client is as you want it!  Here are the many ways you get what you need in a hassle-free way:


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Arenít we all trying to save some money?†

When you go insurance shopping, it’s smart to look at more than just the price.

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