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Our People


Our People.  A Top-Notch, Award-Winning Team

Don’t you want to work with people who are the best at what they do?  In fact, being “the best at what we do” is one of the three Outcomes of our Culture Statement, so we take it seriously!   But, it’s easy to say you’re the best…how do you prove it?  We let our clients, our peers, and our education levels speak for us. 


  Jane Crispen, PIA National CSR of the Year
  Cynthia Matus, Ohio CSR of the Year
  Bridgett Purpich, Ohio Outstanding CSR of the Year (two-time winner)


Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC): 

Allison Hammons
Bridgett Purpich
Carl Richardson
Cynthia Matus
Denise Dunphy
Jane Crispen
Ken Knight
Marlene Levengood
Sam Hammons
Stephanie Ehman



Certified Risk Manager (CRM): 

Denise Dunphy
Sam Hammons


Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM):

Marlene Levengood
Stephanie Ehman


Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU):              

  Ron Carter


Certified Analytic Broker (CAB):              

  Adam Sheets
  Allison Hammons
  Bridgett Purpich
  Greg Corbitt
  Matt Dysinger
  Matt Werner
  Sam Hammons



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