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Our People.  A Top-Notch, Award-Winning Team

Why do these designations matter?

Agents must be licensed by the State in order to advise clients and sell insurance policies.  But let’s face it—the license is a bare minimum of knowledge.  You want to know that the agent who’s advising you knows all of the ins-and-outs of this very technical industry.   Designations after an agent’s name mean that the agent has studied well beyond just securing a state license.  We take education seriously, invest in it, and require that our team members are continuously learning.  All of the service and sales team at Knight Insurance Group must either hold a designation or be studying for one.  This assures you that our people are a notch above.  Take a look at the designations and what they mean.

Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC): 

Advanced classes in commercial casualty and property, personal lines, and life and health.  To earn the designation, five examinations must be successfully passed (80 hours of instruction).  Once the designation is earned, annual classes must be taken to keep the designation.

  Allison Hammons Lesley Kleinhen  
  Bridgett Purpich Marlene Levengood  
  Carl Richardson Matt Werner  
  Cynthia Matus Sam Hammons  
  Jane Crispen Stephanie Ehman  
  Ken Knight    


Certified Risk Manager (CRM): 

Classes consist of analysis of risk, control and financing of risk, principles and practice of risk management.  In order to attend classes, you must first have two years of experience in insurance or risk management.  The designation requires 100 hours of coursework over five classes.  Five examinations must be successfully passed.  Once the designation is earned, annual classes must be taken to keep the designation.

  Sam Hammons


Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM):

Specific to individual and family clients who have more complex insurance needs, this designation requires 80 hours of classroom instruction on topics like understanding coverage differences, personal client risk management, and evaluating and protecting the lifestyle.  Five examinations must be successfully passed, and once the designation is earned, annual classes must be taken to keep the designation.

  Carol Taylor    
  Diane Keil-Hipp    
  Marlene Levengood    
  Stephanie Ehman    


Industry Awards:              

  Jane Crispen, PIA National CSR of the Year
  Cynthia Matus, Ohio CSR of the Year
  Bridgett Purpich, Ohio Outstanding CSR of the Year (two-time winner)


Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU):  

The CPCU takes two to three years to complete with nine core and elective courses that must be successfully passed.  Examples of core classes are managing evolving risks, connecting the business of insurance operations, and navigating the legal landscape of insurance.       

  Ron Carter


Certified Analytic Broker (CAB):  

The CAB teaches agents how to identify and calculate financial leakage and then provide factual data to reduce the leakage and increase profitability. 

  Adam Sheets Matt Dysinger  
  Allison Hammons Matt Werner  
  Bridgett Purpich Sam Hammons  
  Greg Corbitt    


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