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What if Disaster Strikes?


What if? [Disaster Strikes]

Published Monday, January 29, 2018



Sometimes paper is best.  In this age of electronic everything, we don’t think about how we would get important info if our computer or phone are inoperable due to down power lines or cell towers.  An old-fashioned paper list is a good back-up.  On it, keep your important contact info:  school/day care, pharmacy, doctor, veterinarian, insurance agent.  Check out for an online form that you can then print onto a wallet-sized card.

Can’t reach family?  Try texting.  Text messages may get through when a phone call won’t.  Text messages require far less bandwidth than a phone call.  Text message also save and then send automatically as soon as capacity becomes available.

Register for your school/daycare alert system.  Make sure you are registered with the school or daycare’s alert tool.   This will keep you in contact with the school should an emergency strike.

Know where to meet.  If a tornado is threatening, make sure everyone in your family knows where to go for protection.  The basement is best; but if you don’t have one, designate an interior windowless room, such as a bathroom or closet.

Keep some cash in the house.  In the event that credit card readers are down, you’ll still be able to buy the necessities for your family.

Know your school/daycare plans.  Ask for the school’s emergency response plan and discuss with your children who would pick them up in an emergency. 

Create and practice your emergency plan.  How do family members exit the house in the event of a fire?  Map out the quickest, safest plan.  If you live on a second story, you may want to invest in an emergency ladder.   Once the plan is determined, practice it!  Practice will help reduce fear when a real disaster strikes.  Check out the National Fire Protection Association for help with your home escape plan.

Emergency kit.  Build a supply kit to hold first aid supplies, food and water, change of clothes.  For a complete list, visit


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