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Join the Neighbor Alert Program!


Join the Neighbor Alert Program!

Published Tuesday, August 25, 2020 1:00 pm

"While we were out of town, our neighbors saw water running out of our garage and down the driveway!” 

“We were camping for the weekend, and a storm struck a tree in our backyard, hitting the house.  Luckily, our neighbors saw it happen.” 

If you’re lucky, these types of accidents haven’t happened to you.  But, we can tell you, that these types of accidents do happen, with regularity.  Thank goodness for neighbors!  In both cases, the neighbor was able to prevent more damage by alerting us on behalf of their neighbor. 

Join the Neighbor Alert program and get peace of mind, like these clients.  It’s very simple:  provide your neighbors our contact information in one of two easy ways: 

1. Share this Contact Card with your neighbors.

2. Email to request a magnet that contains our contact info.

If you are ever not home and tragedy strikes your house, your neighbor can help by calling us.  While we hope that an emergency call to our office will never be necessary, prompt alert of such a situation could prevent further damage to your home. 

Just another way that Knight Insurance Group is here for you!


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