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Equipment Breakdown Coverage Goes Green


Equipment Breakdown Coverage Goes Green

Published Monday, July 17, 2017
by Diane Hipp


Equipment breakdown, a coverage option, protects you against unexpected repair or replacement costs due to a mechanical, electrical or pressurized system breakdown.  Now, when repair or replacement is required due to equipment breakdown, we will pay up to $3,000 to repair or replace with green equipment!

What qualifies as green?  Products, materials, methods and processes that are certified by a Green Authority (conserve natural resources, reduce energy or water consumption, avoid toxic or other polluting emissions or otherwise minimize environmental impact) qualify.

For example, let’s say your standard water heater breaks down and needs to be replaced.  You decide to replace it with a tank-less water heater.  Our equipment breakdown coverage allows the option of choosing the tank-less water heater without any additional expense.* Or, if a standard appliance needs to be replaced due to equipment breakdown, coverage will pay to replace it with an Energy Star® appliance.*

Why do you need equipment breakdown coverage?  Although home policies cover some losses that can occur to these items, there is a common occurrence it does not cover – the breakdown of equipment.  The policy may not cover this type of loss unless the cause is specifically stated in the policy contract, or the loss may be specifically excluded by policy language.

The equipment breakdown endorsement, on the other hand, provides coverage for problems that may not be attributable to a specific covered cause of loss, as well as losses that would normally be excluded.

(Equipment breakdown coverage is automatically included with the Wespak Estate policy).

*Coverage provides up to $3,000 to replace with green equipment of like kind and quality.


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