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Smart People...Dumb Insurance Mistakes Part Three!


Smart People...Dumb Insurance Mistakes Part Three!

Published Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Third installment where we provide you the Cliff Notes version of Jill Schlesinger’s book, The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money, Dumb Thing #11. 

How to Shop for Insurance

Schlesinger suggests that you take the opportunity every few years to shop around.  After all, insurance is a competitive business.  We agree.  And the best news is that we can do the shopping for you, so it’s really no work on your part—just a phone call, email, or text to us, and you can put us to work.  

The Value of an Adviser

Utilize an adviser when purchasing insurance.  Someone who “lives and breathes property and casualty insurance” can advise if your coverage will fall short in the event of a disaster.   “I’m much more protected today because my fiduciary adviser told me he suspected I didn’t have enough property coverage,” says Schlesinger. 

“To find a wonderful agent of your own, ask your CPA or attorney for a referral.  When you find an agent with a great reputation, listen to his/her advice and don’t skimp!  There are places in life to skimp, and an extra $500 a year on an insurance policy isn’t one of them,” says Schlesinger.

So we’ve really come full circle!  At the start of the chapter, Schlesinger used all kinds of derogatory terms to describe the insurance buying process…”painfully, atrociously boring,” “stressful, anxiety-producing.”  We understand that a lot of you feel that way.  But that’s where we come in…to take away the stress and anxiety, help explain the policy in plain English, and minimize the time you have to pour over limits, coverages, and endorsements.  After all, we “live and breathe insurance!”

Questions?  Call, email, or text us!


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Article based upon:  Schlesinger, J. The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money.  (2019) New York: Ballatine Books. 

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