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2 Clicks to an Auto ID Card!


July Mobile Tip of the Month: 2 Clicks to an Auto ID Card!

Published Sunday, July 1, 2018


If you got pulled over by a police officer, would you be able to quickly produce your most current auto ID card?  Or are you like most people who would be digging through your glove box, shuffling past expired cards, in search of the current one, panicking when you can’t find it?! 

With our mobile app, problem solved!  

In two clicks, you can generate a current auto ID card.

Step 1:  Click on Auto ID Card.

Step 2:  Click on your car.


What could be easier?!  You can save the image to your Photos, if you’d like OR just generate the card on demand whenever you need it.


Don’t have our mobile app? 

Download from the App Store, then call us to get your personalized user ID and temporary password. 419-241-5133.





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