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Keep your data private!


August Mobile Tip of the Month: Keep your data private!

Published Wednesday, August 1, 2018


 Why do you have to call us to set up your user ID and password? 

Frankly, it’s kind of a pain, right?  Well, it’s all about protecting your data, which we take seriously.  In order to use the features of our mobile app, we link your insurance information to your mobile account.   Information like your cars and their VINs, your coverage limits, your drivers, and your policy number will display once your account is linked.  In having us set up your account, we ensure that the right information goes to the right person.

Log in with your user ID and password once, and thereafter, your fingerprint will log you in on your mobile device.  Now that’s awesome!

Don’t have our mobile app? 

Download from the App Store, then call us to get your personalized user ID and temporary password. 419-241-5133.





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