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Checklist for Protecting Commercial Equipment


Checklist for Protecting Commercial Equipment

Published Tuesday, October 31, 2017
by Diane Hipp


No security system or device can provide absolute protection against theft or vandalism. However, the following are some suggested guidelines that can be taken to deter loss or damage to equipment by thieves or vandals:

  • Keep an accurate written inventory of all jobsite equipment.
  • Remove keys from unattended equipment and lock them in security boxes when the workday is completed.
  • Immobilize equipment when not in use; remove rotors and batteries, lower blades or buckets, and, if possible, lock out the electric starting systems.
  • Install alarm systems on all major pieces of equipment and anti-vandalism and anti-theft devices on equipment.
  • Employ security guards at storage sites and/or jobsites.
  • Post warning notices on equipment advising that all vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and serial numbers are recorded. Use a hardened steel punch (or etching tool) to duplicate the serial number in at least two places - one obvious and one not.
  • Position/block and encircle smaller equipment in a central site area to reduce potential theft.
  • Record all serial and identification numbers, and take photographs of equipment.
  • Keep storage yards well lighted and fenced, with one access point.
  • Request police to make frequent area checks when the jobsite is closed.
  • Secure all shanties and storage buildings on jobsites with alarm systems and additional lighting.
  • For easy recognition after a theft, paint equipment with your own color scheme or design.


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