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3 Ways to Manage your Insurance Digitally!

Stuck at home, going through your Do-It-Later pile?  Now’s a great time to check out the online capabilities to manage your insurance.

Encompass Payment Plan to Help During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Many people are facing financial challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Encompass is offering a special payment plan to help take away some of that stress.

Insurance is an Essential Service

As your local, trusted risk advisor, we want you to know that per the Governor’s order, our agency is an essential business and will remain open to serve you.

Business Liability Risks of COVID-19

For as many good things that are happening with volunteers, random acts of kindness, etc., there are also people who try to take advantage of others in a vulnerable state.

Why is Water Back-Up Different than Flood?
Why is insurance so confusing?? All these fine distinctions make it seem like the insurance carrier is just trying to get out of paying a claim! If you feel that way, then you’ll
April Showers Bring ... Floods!

The promise of spring puts a smile on everyone’s faces…warm air, sunshine, open windows!  But we all know rain is a part of spring, and that brings thoughts of flooding.

5 Time-Management Skills for Better Work–Life Balance

Are you constantly racing against the clock?  Is work-life balance something you can only dream about?  A good work–life balance can reduce stress and help you feel fulfilled in all aspects of your life.

Smart People...Dumb Insurance Mistakes Part Three!

Third installment of a three-part series, you'll get the Cliff Notes version of Jill Schlesinger’s chapter entitled, “You Buy the Wrong Kinds of Insurance, or None at All.”

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Aren’t we all trying to save some money? 

When you go insurance shopping, it’s smart to look at more than just the price.

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