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Why is Water Back-Up Different than Flood?

Why is insurance so confusing??  All these fine distinctions make it seem like the insurance carrier is just trying to get out of paying a claim! If you feel that way, then you’ll want to read this quick article on the difference between water back-up and flood insurance. 

Knight Insurance Group has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2021 honor by The Toledo Blade!


Toledo Blade names Knight Insurance Group a winner of the Toledo Metro Area Top Workplaces 20201 Award!

Civil Immunity from COVID-19 Lawsuits now Law

As we move forward with reopening Ohio, there are many fears and risks with the liability exposure that businesses face. Fortunately, the Ohio House and Senate returned to Columbus two weeks ago to pass legislation to address liability protections for employers as they re-open.

Payroll Tax Deferment Info

You’ve likely heard about the payroll tax deferment that President Trump signed in early August.   If you haven’t, here are the highlights of what is being proposed...

Join the Neighbor Alert Program!

If you are ever not home and tragedy strikes your house, your neighbor can help by calling us. Join the Neighbor Alert program and get peace of mind!

Simplify Your Life

If we’ve learned one thing through this pandemic, it’s that life could be simpler. Who needs the added stress of chasing down multiple insurance companies?!  You can start simplifying your life with your insurance.  

COVID-19 Affect on Your Insurance Audit

You’ve been running your business for over four months under the veil of the pandemic.  Likely you’ve made changes to your operations to adjust to the “new normal.”  If part of those changes included furloughing employees, please read on about important implications to your insurance audit.

Acuity Auto Insurance Premium Rate Cut

We’re excited to announce an auto insurance premium rate cut from Acuity Insurance.  Fewer people on the roads means fewer auto accidents, so Acuity wants to pass on the savings to you at this critical time

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