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Insurance for Business Vehicles

Insurance for Business Vehicles

Insurance for business vehicles is very similar to insurance for personal vehicles.  The coverages within the policy include liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists, comprehensive, and collision.  A vehicle under a business auto policy is any vehicle licensed for road use.  This includes semi-tractors, pick-up trucks, dump trucks, cement haulers, etc.  Business auto insurance is different from personal auto in a few ways.  Take note of these highlighted differences.

Liability Levels.  The liability coverage can be written at different levels, ranging from Any Auto (most broad) to Specified Vehicles (most limited).   Businesses that rent or borrow vehicles regularly would want Any Auto so that absolutely any auto driven under the name of the business is protected from liability exposures.  

Drive Other Car.  A business auto policy is intended to protect vehicles titled in the name of the business.  Yet businessowners often insure their personal vehicles (titled personally) on the business auto policy.   When they drive their personal vehicle, they need a coverage called Drive Other Car.  This provides them with coverage similar to a personal auto policy and ensures that when they drive that vehicle, they have personal protection in addition to protection for the business.

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