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Mobile App

Insurance is Easy With Our Mobile App. Over 300 clients have uploaded our mobile app and tell us they LOVE it!

If you haven’t tried our mobile app, here are three reasons to give it a try:

“I’ll never pull out my paper auto ID again!”

“The mobile app helped my daughter report a claim and calmed her nerves!”

“I use it to connect with my account manager.  It’s faster than finding her email.” 

Here are more benefits:
  • Fingerprint log-in. If you currently use the fingerprint log-in feature of your phone, it will work for the Knight Insurance app.
  • Check your policy. It's easier than ever to review coverages, request changes, and more!
  • Auto ID card. Save your auto ID card to your phone and never again worry about putting the paper card in your glove box!
Additional Resources:

Check out these resources for more information on what the mobile app can do to make managing your insurance easy as pie!



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