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Home Insurance

Replacement Cost

Pays you the cost to replace your contents or dwelling, rather than a depreciated payment.

HO-3 Form

The most common home insurance form today. Covers your home against anything except noted exclusions. Covers your belongings against certain perils.

Liability Limit $300,000 (or higher)

Your liability limit should exceed your net worth, so that your assets are not in jeopardy should a claim occur.

Medical Payments $5,000

This coverage is included in your home insurance. We recommend $5000 to keep pace with the cost of medical bills.

Deductible $500

We recommend $500 because it helps keep your premiums down and prevents the small claims from cluttering up your claim history.

Water Back-Up

If you have a basement that is anything but empty, we recommend water back-up. It provides insurance against a back-up of water from sewers or sump pumps. This is our most used coverage.

Identity Theft

If you're concerned about your social security number being exposed or you transact business over the internet, Identity Theft offers great peace of mind. It pays to help you rebuild your identity, a time-consuming process. Several carriers offer professional guidance as well.

Auto Insurance

Liability $300,000 (or higher)

Since this coverage pays for "the other guy" when you're at fault in an accident, you want to make sure your liability limit is enough to pay for car(s) damaged and medical bills—two expensive areas! The state minimum limit of $7,500 barely covers the cost of most cars on the road, so we see it as woefully insufficient.

Uninsured Motorists $300,000

This coverage protects you in case "the other guy" who hit you doesn't have insurance and you're injured. Our philosophy is: Protect yourself for as much as you're protecting "the other guy" by having the same limit as your liability.

Uninsured Motorists Property Damage $7,500

This protects your car when an uninsured driver damanges it in an accident. It's only necessary when you choose NOT to carry collision coverage on your car.

Medical Payments $5,000

Provide coverage for passengers in your vehicle who are injured in a covered accident. Often called a "courtesy coverage."

Comprehensive Deductible $500

Carrying a $500 deductible helps keep your premiums low and eliminates the minor claims that otherwise you'd want to turn in.

Collision Deductible $500

An expensive coverage, taking a $500 (or higher) deductible helps save you premium dollars.

Towing, Labor

Sometimes optional, sometimes included, this coverage gives you $25-75 for a tow.

Rental Reimbursement

Sometimes optional, sometimes included, this coverage provides you with a rental car while yours is getting repaired (from an insured accident).

Umbrella Liability - $1,000,000 limit (minimum)

Measure your need for an umbrella by checking your net worth. Do you have enough liability to protect your assets? An umbrella "goes over" your home and auto insurance liability limits and adds $1 million (or more) to your protection. Premiums average $300 a year, so this is worthwhile insurance.

Retention limit $500

Similar to a deductible, we recommend $500 to keep your premiums low.

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