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Knight Vision


Knight Vision.  We see things others don’t.

Our approach is different from most.  Where other agencies will price-shop your account, we analyze your account’s risk through our Knight Vision process.  The end result is a comprehensive risk management program that includes not only insurance, but utilizes other risk management tools to mitigate risk. Our focus is to reduce clients’ TCOR (Total Cost of Risk) and not just the cost of insurance.   It starts with questions designed to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business and the challenges the business is facing. Once all areas of risk have been identified, then we develop solutions to either reduce or eliminate the exposures to risk. This proprietary approach is refreshing to those clients who tire of the “price shopping” agents—those who offer no different solutions, just promise a cheaper price.

We know that businesses are more sophisticated than that and are looking for consultants that bring solutions to a myriad of challenges--regulatory, financial, human resources, or the unexpected. Our agents have a broad range of knowledge and creative solutions for problems not typically viewed as insurance-related.  And our focus all starts with a conversation about our client’s business.

Clients who love us most are the ones who:

  • Seek counsel about the best insurance portfolio.
  • Want a relationship with an expert.
  • Want to do business with a local
  • Understand the value of longevity with a carrier.
  • Stay with us for the long haul.
  • Care about claims service.
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Arenít we all trying to save some money?†

When you go insurance shopping, it’s smart to look at more than just the price.

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