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Analytic Solutions


What are Analytic Solutions? 

Very simply, they are proprietary tools (in our market territory) to Knight Insurance Group to help clients’ address all of the costs of insurance and claims - not just premium.  Simply comparing premium from one carrier to another is short-changing the opportunity to make a real impact on your bottom line.  Here are some of the other “costs of insurance” to consider:

  • Training
  • Safety
  • Certificates
  • Indirect Loss Costs

Sophisticated business owners need powerful tools - analytic solutions - to address these issues and drive more profit to the bottom line.  We offer two tools that address these costs:

1. A tool that quantifies the indirect cost of losses, showing you for the first time how much money that losses actually drain from your bottom line.   Then we give you a plan to reduce these costs to improve your EBITDA.
2. A comprehensive online portal that helps you manage the administrivia in less time.  Through an intuitive and organized program, you can perform the tracking tasks easily.  The centralized platform allows for access for the clients’ team from any online device.  You can pull ready-made documents and save thousands of hours creating them from scratch.


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Analytic Solutions programs
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Safety Track
Create and maintain internal audits and questionnaires to reveal risks. Library to build job hazard analyses and assign corrective actions for non-compliant areas.
 Certificate Of
Insurance Track
    Job Description
Automate and manage certificate tracking. Automate incident reporting, OSHA logs and claim trends. Create job descriptions and return-to-work programs easily.
 Risk Management
 Safety Data
Sheet Track
Policies, procedures, posters, training materials, quizzes, videos, and more.  Create a safety culture. Organize and manage Safety Data Sheets.  Achieve Globally Harmonized System compliance. Assign employee training and track electronically!


Optional Services include:
  • 24/7 Personalized Service: Service at your fingertips, even after business hours!  Our Member Login offers the ability to issue certificates, print an auto ID card, view your coverages, request changes to the policy, and so much more.
  • Aging Services Rx Program: Your complete solution for managing workplace and resident safety in the Senior Care industry.
  • HR Essential: Online and on-call resources for interactive training, practical HR resources, and legal expertise.
  • Loss Control: Take advantage of safety experts to help create and maintain a safety culture.
  • Personalized Account Management Service: Your personal Account Specialist will tailor two applications from the Main Platform to fit your organization. Includes personalized training.


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Analytic Solutions

Itís about more than just business insurance.

  • Would you like to save time?
  • Reduce costs?
  • Comply with regulations?
  • Improve uniformity and oversight?

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