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The days of photos and paper are gone! Use this software to create an electronic inventory of your belongings. You can even e-mail it to us to post to your account in the event of a claim! 

Understanding Insurance Scores.

Unlike a credit score, which predicts future financial behavior, an insurance score predicts the probability of future insurance losses. Insurance scoring allows insurers to develop more accurate pricing for all risks, based on the likelihood of losses.

While consumer credit information is used to determine an insurance score, it does not measure an individual's income or credit-worthiness. Characteristics such as income, gender, age, nationality, marital status, religion, and ethnicity are NOT used to calculate an insurance score. Insurance score is only one component in underwriting and pricing. 

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Good Student Driver

For some insurance companies a reduction in automobile premium is available, called a good student discount. The young driver must be at least sixteen, ranks in the upper 20 percent of his or her class, has a B or 3.0 average, or is on the Dean's list or honor roll. It is based on the premise that good students are better drivers. Click below to print a good student form.

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