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Whether you need Personal, Family, Business, or Home/Auto, Insurance we’re here to help!

We don't quote apples to apples.

Our approach focuses on first getting to know you, your business, and your family. In building a relationship with you, we are able to raise awareness of the risks that face you and offer you options to deal with those risks. Our toolbox of options includes risk transfer, self-insurance, risk reduction, and traditional insurance.

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Knight Vision

Personal and Business Risk Management Process

Knight Vision is a four-step process utilized by Knight Insurance Group to understand, create, implement and monitor the risk management strategies for you, your family and your business.

Vision 1
Your Needs
Vision 2
Risk Strategies
Vision 3
Vision 4
and Measure
We don't Quote Apples to Apples

We Don't Quote Apples to Apples

You expect one thing from your insurance:  to be made whole when an accident or disaster occurs.  Knowing that policies vary from carrier to carrier means that there is no such thing as an apples-to-apples quote.

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