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Your heart and soul (and your money) are wrapped up in your business.  Paying attention to how you protect what you worked so hard to obtain is simply good business sense.   Who do you trust to give you the best advice on managing your risk and protecting your assets?  Certainly not the cheapest company!  The adage, ‘You get what you pay for,’ applies to insurance too.

At Knight Insurance Group, we utilize a unique risk management process, called Knight Vision, to see things others don’t.  The result is a completely customized insurance program that takes into consideration your risk tolerance level, the nuances of your business, and your specific concerns. 

We believe that the more you know about potential risks and exposures, the more educated your decisions on how to deal with them.  That’s why we’ve loaded up our website with useful articles on various business-related exposures.  Many of them contain suggestions that you can implement to reduce your exposures—without buying a single thing.  So peruse our site, search by topic, and certainly reach out to us if we can assist in any way.

We look forward to working with your business.


We don't Quote Apples to Apples

We Don't Quote Apples to Apples

You expect one thing from your insurance:  to be made whole when an accident or disaster occurs.  Knowing that policies vary from carrier to carrier means that there is no such thing as an apples-to-apples quote.

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